Attending a code boot camp — reflections from the inside

Anna Lenksjö
2 min readApr 8, 2021

So, just a couple of months ago I was a total tech-newbie. That's when I attended a 24-week Frontend boot camp at Technigo. Swish swoosh, suddenly I’m halfway through becoming a developer! So I guess its time for some reflections…

Eventually it will stop being fun — right?
As mentioned my experience was more or less non-existing. Although the little programming I had done was FUN. Despite that, my expectations were low.

The boot camp went on, and things continued being fun. Even the setbacks were not at all that bad! I actually enjoyed programming much more than I thought. Worry started to arise in me — one day it has to stop being this fun? Surely, actual work can not be feeling like this? I’m still crossing my fingers that the feeling will stay with me for the remaining half and many years to come :-)

When will the real programming start?
This is one of the most prevalent biases about programming; that it’s very technical and ‘gibberish’, i.e totally incomprehensible from the outside. And this also applied to my view of programming.

Well functions and a bit of math is a part of it. But most of the code is actually words, not numbers. And, most of them are also totally understandable in how they are named! What about ‘for each’, ‘return’, ‘fetch’, ‘reverse’? I know, right!

A whole other world than a classic uni…
My previous study background is in economics where I attended an old, conservative university for five years. Most of the professors were there to do research, so teaching was only something they were obliged to do. The ambiance was formal, competitive, and far from personal.

The contrast to attending an education at Technigo could not have been bigger. Its amazingly welcoming and supportive. And there is a lot of emojis, yes from the coaches too!

So if you might be thinking about joining tech and especially this particular boot camp you have my warmest recommendations - DO IT!



Anna Lenksjö

Former economist & recruiter now frontend developer in the making! Graduation june 2021.